Intra-office Database

Every member in charge of preparing applications can access the internet and utilize commercial search systems for published patent documents. Every member likewise can access our own intranet to utilize intra-use database that contains all of the filed cases which we dealt with (including unpublished ones) for clients, using our Full-Text search program, thereby quickly searching and identifying related cases.

Thus, prior art and related cases can be quickly found and used in preparing applications. This type of system aids in providing fast, yet accurate, applications and furthermore, which is provided with reasonable prices.

Intra-office Database

Task Support System

In our intra-use task support system, a case folder is created in a fileserver for every new case, and related files and template files are forwarded into the case folder. The member in charge of the case can then access via a specially arranged window to the case, and control the progress, including the status of forwarding a draft specification to the client and filing the case from our office. Furthermore, the system also provides a control window so that every member can control the processing status of all pending cases.

Furthermore, the system can automatically create cover letters, in which a name of the person in charge of the client, client reference number, our member in charge, and our reference number, are indicated.

 All of such pending case folders are saved in a special folder in the fileserver. This strengthen the backing-up of data and thereby prepares against disasters and machine malfunctions and, furthermore, even when the member in charge is absent, any other member can know the circumstances to reply to the client’s inquiries. This task support system is our unique system that has been developed with our know-how obtained through our longstanding experiences.

Preparation of Drawings

One of the advantages realized by using our firm is our advanced skill in producing patent drawings. We are of course available for drawing figures of complicated mechanism maps and large machinery. For large manufacturing equipment, the member in charge of the case is available to assist to visit the factory to assist in the creation of easily comprehensible patent drawings.


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